Integrated Inquiry Learning

The Integrated Inquiry Learning approach used at St. Margaret’s focuses on learning that is both relevant and meaningful to the students, helping to prepare them for their involvement in society. Different learning approaches are utilised in the classroom to best cater for the student’s needs. Students process information and respond to their new knowledge.

Skills, content, goals, concepts and values focused upon in integrated inquiry units of work are drawn from the Victorian Curriculum:

  • The Humanities which includes Civics & Citizenship, Economics & Business, Geography and History

  • The Sciences which includes Biological science, Chemical science, Earth & space science and Physical science

  • Technologies which includes Design & Technologies and Digital Technologies.

It is an approach to learning where they become active learners. The students develop an ability to think, reason, collaborate, problem solve and reflect, thus being able to make more informed judgements and in turn take some action on what they have learned.