Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Education in the 21st Century is in a state of constant change, which lays down a challenge to students, parents and all staff. At St. Margaret’s school we have a dynamic curriculum that promotes contemporary learning. Within this context we strive to promote our motto of “Knowledge, Faith, Compassion and Community”.

Keeping this in mind we see St. Margaret’s school as a place where we:

  • promote the growth of the whole person, acknowledging and celebrating that we learn at different rates;

  • strive to be a welcoming community that aims for educational excellence;

  • are proudly Catholic, celebrating rituals and traditions;

  • teach Christian values based on the Gospels;

  • teach the values of respect, integrity, acceptance of difference, friendliness, co-operation and support;

  • emphasise the importance of Literacy and Numeracy;

  • keep abreast of current ICT, and use it as an effective resource;

  • value the contribution and partnership developed between the student, family and school.

It is hoped that our website will give you an insight into the life of St. Margaret’s Maribyrnong, and lead to a great clarity of our purpose.

Gavin Brennan