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Assessment and Reporting Policy Assessment and Reporting Procedures Curriculum Plan

Enrolment Policy Enrolment Procedure School Enrolment Agreement

Standard Collection Notice Privacy and Procedures Policy       Sunsmart Policy

Community Engagement Policy Homework Policy School Uniform Policy

Child Safety Policy Student Wellbeing Policy MACS - Student Behaviour Policy

Pastoral Care Policy Anti-Bullying Policy - Students First Aid Policy

Anaphylaxis Management Policy Asthma Policy                                                            Duty of Care Policy

MACS - Duty of Care Guidelines Parent/Guardian Carer Code of Conduct                             Conflict of Interest Policy             

School Values Philosophy  Statement   Identification Policy       Concessional Fee Policy for MACS Schools

School Enrichment Policy   ICT Acceptable Usage Policy School Complaints Handling Policy

MACS - Medical Management Policy      MACS - School Medical Authority Form

MACS - School Administration of Medication to Students Procedures   

MACS - Medical Management Policy - Communication Plan   MACS - Pastoral Care of Students Policy

MACS - Attendance Policy                      MACS -  Democratic Principles Statement     

MACS - Parent/Guardian Carer Code of Conduct                        MACS - Student Code of Conduct 

MACS - School Supervision Policy                MACS - Bullying Prevention Policy 

MACS - Expulsion of Students Policy        MACS - Negotiated Transfer of Students Policy 

MACS - Suspension of Students Policy        MACS - School Anaphylaxis Policy